Nowadays, reliability and speed are crucial in ensuring the job comes in on budget and on time. Working with the latest emerging technologies around the globe and cooperating with our partners in every continent, Bostik has a wide range of roof sealants and adhesives that builders rely on.

non shrink grout fire rating

The Bostik Builders ranges are backed by rigorous testing to ensure products of the highest quality for builders to trust for the job. This roof sealant is ideal for wide variety of plumbing and building applications and is an excellent primerless adhesion to almost all surfaces.

Seal N' Flex 1: a high expansion, polyurethane construction sealant. Seal N' Flex 1 has an excellent adhesion to masonry and concrete.

Seal N' Flex FC: a fast curing, polyurethane construction sealant. The high hardness and mechanical resistance makes this polymer sealant suitable for heavy traffic applications. Seal N' Flex Advance: an advanced, multi-purpose, hybrid construction sealant suitable for light traffic. Seal N' Flex Advance sealant has an excellent UV and weather resistance and can be applied in wet conditions. Gap Seal is a joint filler which is paintable with most paints for perfect finish.

This fireproof sealant provides a fire seal up to minutes as per AS Fireban One is an excellent polymer sealant to wide variety of surfaces. This solvent based adhesive reduces creaking caused by expansion and movement of nails and screws and has a high bond strength and chemical resistance. Xtreme High Tack: a high performance MSP adhesive has a high initial grab strength allows Xtreme High Tack to support immense weight without the aid of clamps, screws or nails.

Xtreme High Tack is also resistant to moisture, weather and UV. This grout adhesive is suitable for pre-cast and tilt-panel work and can be used in column bases, core holes, rod holes, concrete defects. Techflow: a high performance, Class C, non-shrink grout that can be used in equipment base plates, anchoring bolts, bars and fittings, bridge bearings and crane rails.

This grout adhesive can be pumped, troweled, rammed or flowed into area where normal grouting methods do not suffice. Patchfix: a heavy duty mortar for high build structural repairs that has a high ultimate compressive strength and abrasion resistance. This tile mortar can be used in vertical, horizontal and overhead applications for large or small repairs.Consequently, the frame needed to be insulated to ensure it met the temperature rise requirements.

Frames for fire doors were originally backfilled to insulate them and stop them from deforming and deflecting under the stress of the standard fire door test. It is this ongoing research and development, the push from the construction industry for reduced building costs, and no requirement for measurement of the temperature rise of the door frame that led to hollow or unfilled frames being acceptable.

It is important to note that this particular requirement was not present in earlier standards and that is why fire door frames could previously be installed without any backfilling. The BCA is a living document that evolves continually.

Five Star® Grout

For this reason, building design and compliance requirements are locked in to a specific version i. So, if the building was finalised in and subsequently approved for construction by the relevant authorities, then the building would be designed and built to those standards even though it may not be completed until a much later date.

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As a result, many of the buildings we work with today will contain fire rated and non-rated door frames. It is important to understand that if this logic did not apply, a building would never get completed as the ongoing change in standards not just fire doors would mean that nothing would ever comply. To be safe and avoid potential certification problems, FSE Special Purpose Doors recommends that all fire door frames be backfilled.

This ensures there is no margin for error and that there will be no future costly rectification works it is impossible to backfill partition wall frames post installation.

There are also other factors to be considered regarding backfilling fire door frames, including acoustic performance, the door size and long term durability. When a fire door frame is built into a plasterboard wall, it should be backfilled with fire rated plasterboard strips prior to installing into the wall.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to fill frames in plaster walls post installation. In all cases it is imperative that the backfilling medium is tightly packed and all available airspace is completely filled. Further, the finished backfilled frame must be tightly sealed against the surrounding opening it is being fitted to using an approved fire rated sealant.Underground Marker Tapes. Measuring Equipment. Communication Equipment. Vehicle Safety. Safety Signs. Temporary Road Signs.

Permanent Signs. Head Protection. Hearing Protection. Eye Protection. Hand Protection. Respiratory Protection. Sun Protection. Asbestos Removal. Gas Detector Kits. Lockout Equipment. Face Protection. Confined Space Equipment.

Spill Kits. Dangerous Goods Cabinets. Fire Safety. Emergency Rescue. Lunchroom Supplies. Site Essentials. Both cementitious and epoxy grouts are designed to be used under load, where a filler material needs to act as a structurally sound solid. Mixed from a dry powder to the required consistency, they can be made relatively solid to be used as a packable substance.Have you ever tried patching a hole in the wall and, no matter what you or your hired tradesman did, you could never get the repair mortar to finish flush with the surface?

Or to dry without unsightly crack lines? If you have, you can probably blame it on wrong material selection. Knowing the differences between mortars helps you make the right choice and saves you time, effort, and expense.

However, are they the right material for the work methods employed in the above repairs? This property is most important for precision grouting and formwork repairs where the mixed mortar is poured or pumped into a constrained space and left to cure. The surface area of the fresh mortar exposed to air is small relative to its volume and, therefore, moisture loss during curing is well-controlled.

This allows the grout to harden and gain strength without loss of volume, thereby maintaining full bearing contact with the substrate. Grouts are formulated for mixing into a fluid consistency; this enables placement by pouring or pumping in precision grouting and formwork repair applications. It must be able to flow easily pass congested spaces to fill voids completely without air entrapment. This is an important property as there is often no access to use tools to move or compact the material.

In contrast, patch repairs also called dry pack repairs are usually small-scale, surface repairs performed without formwork construction. In order to suit the work method, the mortars used for these applications are designed to have the following characteristics:.

For increased cohesiveness in vertical and overhead applications, and for added crack-resistance, fibres are sometimes included in the product formulation.

In conclusion, it is clear from the above comparison that the work method i. Additives for shrinkage-compensation and mortar fluidity add costs to the formulation of precision grouts but serve no purpose in patch repair materials.

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Backfilling Fire Door Frames

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non shrink grout fire rating

New User Register now, you can: Receive our exclusive Newsletters Save your favourite articles Save your favourite projects Save the products that interest you the most Sign up Sign up. December 27, B High flowability Grouts are formulated for mixing into a fluid consistency; this enables placement by pouring or pumping in precision grouting and formwork repair applications. In order to suit the work method, the mortars used for these applications are designed to have the following characteristics: Mixed to a sticky consistency to hold up well on vertical or overhead surfaces and yet creamy enough so that it can be trowel-finished, Resistant to drying shrinkage; surface will not crater inwards or crack on drying For increased cohesiveness in vertical and overhead applications, and for added crack-resistance, fibres are sometimes included in the product formulation.

Choosing the right materials for the job saves you hours of anguish and gives you better results at lower costs. Products mentioned in the article.

Mapegrout Thixotropic Controlled-shrinkage fibre-reinforced mortar for the repair of concrete.Stored properly in undamaged and unopened original sealed packaging in cool dry conditions.

Protect from direct sunlight and frost. Add the remaining water until the desired consistency is obtained. Mix for 2—3 minutes with a low speed drill maximum rpm until the mixture become homogeneous. Hold the fresh mortar in the container for 1—2 minutes, and then mix again for 1—2 minutes. After mixing, stir lightly with a spatula for a few seconds to release any entrapped air. The grout is then poured immediately into the prepared formwork.

When carrying out base plate grouting, ensure sufficient pressure head is maintained for uninterrupted mortar flow. For formwork repair, the prepared formwork must be firmly in place and kept watertight. When placing grout over a large area, it is important to maintain a continuous flow throughout.

Work sequence must be properly organized to ensure an uninterrupted flow. Other precautions such as the use of chilled water, insulation of the formwork or baseplate may be required. Please consult Technical Service Department for assistance. To further ensure that air entrapped during mixing is allowed to fully escape, it may be necessary to make breather holes. Use steel rods or chains to assist the flow of grout where necessary.

Clean all tools and equipment with water immediately after use. Hardened mortar can only be mechanically removed. Product Data Sheet Show all documents.

Multi-Purpose Non-shrink shrinkage compensated Cementitious Grout. Other beneficial properties are : Easy to mix and apply Good flow characteristics Rapid strength development High ultimate strengths Impact resistant Non-corrosive Non-metallic and chloride free Shrinkage compensation ability. Overview Product Details Application Documents. Packaging 25 kg bags.

Colour Grey powder. Product Details.If you need a shipping address, make sure they can auto-fill that information from their billing address. The key here is to lower the barrier to entry as much as possible. Every additional field is an opportunity to change their mind. Guarantees are going to vary based on what your visitors are signing up for.

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non shrink grout fire rating

This can be a great way to get customers for a product or service that might be unproven. Great and very practical post, thank you. However, there are 2 schools of thoughts on this: 1) Personalize your email messages to create rapport and trust with your subscribers, makes it feel like a friend talking to you.

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Precision grouting of steel column (pillar) with MEGAGROUT-101 by ISOMAT S.A.

Even though I have heard that pop up forms work great, I am still hesitating in using them. Gotta try that one out. I think the most important thing to understand is that website visitors will never look for something so never make the assumption that someone will look for your sign up form.

Simplicity and visibility are the most important things to consider. Although most of them are kinda obvious. Number 5 (incentive) might not be possible to everybody. It would be wrong to call them pop-ups.

Non-Shrink Grout

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non shrink grout fire rating

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